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Hi Beloved! I'm


I’m passionate about sharing earth wisdom and creating rituals of reverence around the special rites of passages that define our human experience on this planet. This includes ceremonies around pregnancy, birth and postpartum, parenthood, menarche for girls, weddings, land-blessing rituals, seasonal nature celebrations, birthday rituals, and so much more. I believe that any major life event or season of transformation you move through deserves to have a container of reverence and intention built around it, supported by the elements of nature and the love of community. 


The Foundation

I’ve always been someone who beats to the dance of my own drum, even as a child. I have a natural tendency of questioning the norm and seeking truth. In 2016, I began learning about the divine feminine path of the priestess while traveling the county in my van. Shortly after, I was formally initiated as a Priestess of the Red Tent, and began facilitating women’s circles and rituals revolved around the sacredness of the womb. A couple of years later, I found myself pregnant and leaning into the mystery of childbirth. After a beautiful home birth, I decided to dive into deeper education around undisturbed birth and got certified as a holistic doula. This helped me prepare for my second birth, where I midwifed myself through an undisturbed, pain-free home birth after just 2.5 hours of labor. After that, I dove further into midwifery  studies and graduated from The Matrona as a certified holistic family advocate and childbirth educator. I have now been attending births for a 2 years and remain a humble student while also claiming my role as community leader and educator. My greatest teachers are the mothers and babies I work with as an assistant midwife and free birth attendant. Second are the wise council of midwifes around me. In addition to my experience in birth, I also have nearly 8 years of ceremonial experiences facilitating group rituals of all kinds, somatic dance experiences, weddings, blessing ways, birthday rituals, retreats, and more. 

The Living Dream

I currently live in central Georgia, USA with my soul mate husband, Joseph, and our two blessings of children, Kaya Rose and Elijah Light. I am honored to embodying the codes of a devoted wife and present mother. When I'm not sitting with women and families, I am with my children, homeschooling, cooking, playing, nurturing, and living a simple yet sacred life.  

Our dream is to steward a multigenerational homestead and retreat space with my parents on a beautiful piece of land. This dream is very close to actualizing, and when the time comes, you'll all be invited to come visit and create with us!

Thank you for being here. 

With deep bows of devotion,

-Zuri Snow 


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Talk to you soon!

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