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✨Psychedelic Birth✨


a 4 week embodied container of quantum birth exploration

supporting women (and their loved ones) in emotional, spiritual, and physiological preparation for the childbirth continuum. 


guided by Elessar and Zuri 


Honestly THIS is the wisdom missing from most childbirth preparation spaces… We think it’s must-have knowledge to embody and integrate into your childbirth preparations!


This offering is for expecting parents, maidens who want to walk the path towards mother, for fathers, family and birth partners wishing to understand a deeper and more integrated approach towards supporting their partners during birth, and birth workers tending to the birth portal. 


We will be led by the theme of “Psychedelic Birth” in the realms of altered states throughout pregnancy, developing a deeply fine tuned bone of intuition, courting altered states as a means for childbirth preparation, understanding the physiological implications when altered states are reached during birth, how to protect these altered states as a birth partner, doula, midwife, friend, family member or traditional birth attendant, and the psychedelic nature of postpartum and the years beyond. 


We have three sessions to dive into these topics, reach altered states ourselves during this time together, reveal what we have collectively experienced together and our insights, and invite the special ritual of receiving positive birth stories to empower and encourage one another. Our rich experience includes Zuri’s free birth, Elessar’s apprenticeship with the Ecuadorian midwives, both of their experience attending births, attending postpartum, journeying in medicine ceremonies, being multi orgasmic women, holding space for death, and their studies with Whapio and her collective experience of 40 years supporting birth. 


This is a one of a kind offering because we will never again hold this container in the same way, because Zuri and Elessar will never be the same women as we are today. We will always be growing in our insights, our experiences, and our ways we teach what we know.  That is why we are so excited to come together and meld our minds to create a cohesive container for sharing so much of what we know as we have collectively studied over many thousands of hours of birth, altered states, and psychedelic exploration. 


Psychedelic Birth is the portal and gateway that can begin a life long courtship of a deeper relationship to God, Creator, Goddess, the divine. The newness and closeness of touching life from the cosmos, co-creating life within, and having a liberating, empowering, and healing framework to ground yourself for this journey can be the stepping stones for a life long journey of embodied spirituality and birth healing.



November 10th, 17th, & Dec 1st 
1-3pm PST via zoom
(Recordings included)


Basic rundown of topics: 

Session 1:
-Brain waves & altered states of consciousness (birth, sex, death, life)
-Preparation & Prenatal Ceremony ~ courting the altered state 

Session 2:
-how energy effects the birth space and integrating that understanding into our childbirth choices
-postpartum as integration +  helpful tools and recourses to hold and support 

Session 3:
-sacred birth story shares 


-Including guided meditations,  embodiment practices, and journal prompts, and more

-extensice recourse list & links

-PLUS access to private telegram Birth Lodge community space
-BONUS additional undisturbed childbirth Ed webinar replay included 

Over 12 hours of content + bonuses 


Exchange: $288 per couple

Paypal offers payment plan options at check out, and we have a few partial scholarship opportunites available. Inquire by email if there is no other possible way you could join the container.



(space is limited) 


When you purchase, you'll be sent a link to automatically download the welcome letter which includes all of the info including zoom link. 



Psychedelic Birth

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