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childbirth mentorship

a sacred container to support the birth continuum

a different kind of childbirth ed

This 4-month mentorship is for mothers-to-be, their partners, and loved ones who wish to deepen their understanding of birth as a natural and sacred rite of passage, and receive support as they navigate the transformation ahead. The container weaves together elements of individualized support, community connection, ceremony and embodiment, education, and soul exploration to create an intentional, full spectrum space that will provide you with everything you need to prepare for birth and the postpartum. 

This is a celebration of the sacredness of birth. Yes, we will go over the essential highlights of the physiology of pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum... but we will always ground it back into the embodied wisdom of nature, the intuitive realms, and the power of Woman. 

Spring Container is full... Next container will being in June 2023


Includes :

  • 5 group zoom calls (3 hrs each)

  • 5 one-on-one mentorship sessions (1 hr each)

  • Unlimited email Q&A support with Zuri

  • Group social platform for community connection and accountability 

  • Book & resource list

  • journal prompts

  •  ritual homework prompts 


Community, Ceremony, Intention, Spiritual & Emotional Processing, Rite of Passage...

These are the missing pieces I chose to hone in on during this mentorship. 


Want a taste before committing?

Tune in now to the replay of a 4 hour long webinar called "Sovereign Mother Birth Basics." Sovereign Mother is a childbirth education course unlike any other. It's a quick overview of all the essentials from physiology to rite of passage, all within the realms of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. This webinar is a great way to feel into my philosophy and beliefs around birth. If you purchase the webinar and then decide to go ahead with the Four Moon Mentorship, I will deduct the webinar cost from the total. 

What to Expect...

MOON 1: Groundwork

group opening ceremony: January 7

-INTUITION TRAINING guided meditation

-Childbirth as a Rite of Passage 

-mammalian birth 

-the spiritual connection 

-the wise woman model of care

-physiology as nature 

-Brain Waves of the Altered State 

-ceremony and ritual

MOON 2: Pregnancy

group ceremony: February 4

-death of the maiden 

-embodiment practices

-the birth wound 

-circle of nurturing 

-blessingway ceremony

-spirit baby communication 

-choosing your care provider 


-medical myths 

-risk screening 

-common concerns 

-planning for the postpartum

MOON 3: Labor & Birth

group ceremony: March 4

-Birth as an altered state of consciousness 

-the Birth Partner's role

-the holistic stages of labor 

-the hormonal matrix

-newborn assessment 

-physiological birth & what to expect 

-comfort measures

-interventions and interruptions 

-common concerns and medical myths

-supply list

-placenta birth & care 

-why transfer happens and how to navigate 

MOON 4: Postpartum

group ceremony: April 8

-newborn physiology

-physiology of 4th trimester for mom

-honoring the placenta

-circle of nurturing 


-honoring the birth of the mother 

-mental health 

-maternal physical health 

-the birth of a father 

Closing Ceremony (May 6)

What We Cover...

Each ceremonial group zoom call will consist of a guided meditation, circle shares, childbirth education, and process space holding. 

Each session is a unique blend of anatomy and physiology, spiritual/emotional processing, embodied ritual, and group discussion. 


This is a personal, intimate container that is curated to the needs and desires of the group present. Each group is unique and group calls vary based on the individual desires and needs of each person.


In between calls, you are invited to schedule a one-on-one session with me (5 total) to go even deeper and offer additional layers of personalized prenatal support in preparation for your birth and postpartum. 

You will also have full access to a group thread on the Discord app to where you can connect, ask question, share and be witnessed. I will also use this space to share additional resources, notes, and links. 

Feel the call? Apply below.

Space will be capped at 13 people.

How much does it cost?

Full access starts at $1,300 when paid in full before January 6th.

This includes 20 hours of live time with me, full access community networking circle, all resources and journal prompts, plus unlimited text/email access to me during our 4 months together. 

There is a personalized payment plan option to pay $1,500 over the span of 3 months. 

(Local home birth clients have a separate package deal)

Scholarship Opportunities are available. 

Contact me for more information on available payment plans and scholarship opportunities. 


Childbirth as a natural, physiological event. 

Humans are the only mammals who commonly have complicated, abnormal, and traumatic birth experiences. 

The United States has higher birth-related mortality rates than any other modern country. 

Women birthing in tribal settings are having easier birth experiences than women in the modern world. 
How did we get so far removed from nature, and how can we find out way back to a truly natural and simple way of birthing?

Birth is Simple. Birth is Nature. 


Birth as a Rite of Passage

Undisturbed childbirth is transformational.

Women split wide open and travel to the edge of the universe to birth their child into the world. As she does so, she sheds past versions and births herself anew. She gathers up all her strength and power, she knows in her body that she can do hard things, and she is reborn a mother.

When a man steps into the role of archangel of the birth, he learns in his whole body what it means to be protector and provider  He travels into the altered state with the woman he loves, he walks the edge and guards the gate. He knows in his body that he can do hard things, that he can hold the space, and he is transformed and reborn as Father. 

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