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grounded ritual to hold and honor your Rite of Passage

I am passionate about building rituals of devotion and reverence around the various rites of passages that define the human experience.

I have experience facilitating ceremony around conception, pregnancy, birth, weddings, land stewardship, menarche, birthdays, and I host community circles and ceremonies to celebrate human connection and earth wisdom. I also love using intuitive creativity to build new rituals for any occasion!


My ceremonial services are highly individualized. Together, we will build a unique and beautiful ceremony that incapsulates your essence!  If you'd like to learn more about my ceremonial services for your upcoming rite of passage, fill out my contact form at the bottom of this page and we will schedule a time to talk!   


blood & birth

-menarche parties for girls to celebrate their first bleed

-blessingway ceremonies for expecting mothers

-baby blessing ceremonies for mothers AND father, plus siblings! a way to honor the rite of passage of a new baby for the whole family. 

-womb clearing rituals for women

-yoni steaming ceremony

-women's circles 

-postpartum rituals to ceremonially close the birth portal

Be sure to check out our FREE village prenatal women's circles happening monthly in Atlanta... all women welcome! (not just for pregnant women!)


Union & Marriage

Want a unique wedding different than the traditional, cookie cutter ceremony?

Let me help you build a beautiful ritualistic wedding to really honor the unique essence of your love! 

The possibilities are endless!

family ritual.jpeg

the possibilities are endless!

-Women's circles


-Birthday Puja celebrations

-Bachelorette rituals 

-Spirit baby/fertility rituals

-SO much more

Contact me and let's create something magical together.


Fill out the contact form below to set up a free consultation call. Let's make magic together! 

I'd love to hear
from you...

Talk to you soon!

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