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Hi, I'm Zuri Snow

I'm a rites of passage ceremonialist, sacred birth witness, wife, mother, and many other things. I'm passionate about creating containers of reverence and devotion around the rites of passages of the human experience. I do this through earth based education, embodiment practices, ceremonial ritual, and community gatherings.  

Mama Bearth Offerings

Natural Herbs
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an in-person 3 day intensive
with Zuri (mama bearth) and Kearsley's Kitchen
February 2-4, 2024

at a private residence outside of Atlanta, GA
(sleeping accommodations can be made) 

Refine and practice the vital art of postpartum caregiving

Three days of in person learning the craft of nourishing a new family postpartum. Together we will dive into physiology, hands-on practice, cooking, ritual, and council circles led by Zuri & Kearsley. This intimate in-person offering focuses on 3 Main Pillars of Support:

Food as Medicine


Re-Villaging in Modernity

This weekend is the culmination of our personal and professional experience supporting the postpartum period, learning what truly works  and how to adjust plans  for each family. We've dialed in the nuance around things like how to tell if a certain healing food is actually supportive for someone,  smoothed out hiccups with community support like the ever common Meal Trains, and sunk into the wide gap between what is needed for postpartum recovery and what is commonly provided. Birth is as unique as each person and it is invaluable to have the skills to  assess, create, and serve with care.


 Like you, we unshakably know how vital postpartum care is. and we want to give you every tool and skill we can  to confidently care for families and friends around you. 

Postpartum work is sacred work.

Come gather around the table with us.

“Our capacity as a culture to reorient towards life affirming ways is dependent upon how we story, protect, and nourish Mothers & families during birth and postpartum.”



Together We'll Explore:

Postpartum Food

Ayurvedic Approach

Postpartum Nutrition 

Custom Recipe Formulation 

Metabolism, Digestion, & Nervous Systems

Cooking Class...& Dinner!



Closing of the Portal 

Mother Milk Bath 

Belly Wrapping

Womb Blessing

Embodiment & Archetypes

Placenta Mysticism & Artwork



Meal Train & 7 Sisters // Doing It Well

Birth Storying 

Council Circles

Taking Next Steps in Your Community 

Postpartum care is vital across all cultures.

When we tend to the needs of a postpartum family, we mother the mother, and in turn open space for the whole family to be nourished on many levels.  There were once people in all of our families, hopefully not too far back, who knew the ways of belly binding, root simmering, and warmth tending. A lot of our work as postpartum and birth tenders looks a lot like digging up these gems our ancestors seeded for us and then creatively re-imagining some pieces of our approach to adapt to the times we are living in. 

The dialogue is rich like broth & we can't wait to sip on it together.

What you'll gather from this...


-Understanding & responding to biological blueprints

-Skill in adapting recipes for each unique family  

-Integration circles & planning  your  next steps

-Easily digestible, flavorful, & restorative food

-Networking with other birth professionals

-Hands on practice with postpartum rituals

-Extensive resources for further learning

-Intimate container of like minded folk

-Confidence to serve your community

-3 days of information & experience

-Vital nutrition for mothers

-Art, Beauty, & Support


I attend birth for local families who want to birth outside of the system, at home, in sacred ceremony. I also offer unique childbirth education experiences (virtually and in person) that explore physiology,  spirituality, emotion, and embodiment throughout the entire birth continuum. 

I believe that women already know how to birth. Childbirth is a rite of passage: an initiation into womanhood. My offerings are for any mothers-to-be, fathers, birth partners, beloveds, doulas, birth witnesses, or friends who wish to deepen their understanding of the altered state of consciousness of birth, how to prepare for it, and how to support it. 

My work is a celebration of the sacredness of birth. Yes, I do go over the essential highlights of the physiology of pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum... but we will always ground it back into the embodied wisdom of nature, the intuitive realms, and the power of Woman. 

You can watch my Sovereign Mother Birth Basics webinar by donation by clicking this link. This is a great starting point for anyone who is seeking foundational knowledge around the physiology and energetics of birth as a natural rite of passage. 

I also offer periodic group mentorship sessions for couples preparing for birth, as well as 1:1 sessions via zoom. 

Book a Free consult to discover if I'm a good fit for your needs. 

If you're local to Atlanta, be sure to check out our monthly free  re-villaging women's circle.
Our take on a village prenatal, but integrating the energies of maiden, mother, and crone.
All women are welcome to join! 

Pink Roses



A podcast collection of stories and education to inspire depth and embodiment throughout the human experience, especially for women (and those who love them).
Pink Roses
I am passionate about building rituals of devotion and reverence around the various rites of passages that define the human experience. 

I have experiences facilitating ceremony around conception, pregnancy, birth, weddings, land stewardship, menarche, and more. I also host community circles and ceremonies to celebrate human connection and earth wisdom. 

My ceremonial services are highly individualized. Together, we will build a unique and beautiful ceremony that incapsulates your essence! Click on the gallery photos below to see some examples of rituals and ceremonies I've participated in. 

If you'd like to learn more about my ceremonial services for your upcoming rite of passage, fill out my contact from and we will schedule a time to talk!   


Pink Roses
Zuri gently nudged me to rememebr to tap into my own intuition. Her deep trust in my inner-knowning inspired a deppening of my own trust in myself. Zuri truly helped me transition from maiden to mother.  aconstant source of loce and wisdom beyond her years. She held a troch and le dme down a sacred path, and walked with me right up to the birth portal and welcomed me on the otehr side. Her passion and care for women is evident in her work. SO honored and grateful to have received this experience with her. 

- C. Skye, Mother to River,

freebirth client  

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